Frequently Asked Questions

I am not racing nor playing a sport, do I need a sports massage?

YES. Chances are, if you have looked over our web site and are wondering if you qualify for a sports massage then yes, you do. You do not have to be an athletic person to benefit from a sports massage. As therapists, we are committed to helping improve a client’s lifestyle by minimizing pain and educating the client on ways to stay healthy. If reduction of pain and discomfort is of interest to you, then yes, you should give us a try.

Does sports massage hurt?

YES and NO. Sports massage can be painful, especially in areas of soft tissue that hurt you during or after your activity. But every muscle in your body should not hurt during every part of your massage. We want your massage to be enjoyable as well as helpful. Sometimes we need to alleviate a trigger point by applying deep, precise pressure on it. But for the majority of your massage, we aim for a pressure that hurts good. This type of pressure is deep and the affects are greater and last longer than a relaxation massage may last. Just because an area where we work may hurt, does not mean we are causing the pain. We are well-trained to avoid areas where deep pressure can damage tissues. Most of all, WE LISTEN TO YOU! We are here to help and if you need us to lighten up, just say so. Your body is our business and YOU are the BOSS!

I have a race tomorrow. Should I get a massage today?

NO. Absolutely not. Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy can cause muscles and nerves to fire so that your brain relays a message back to each muscle fiber to fatigue so that it can get the rest and recovery it needs to heal. Those muscle fibers will stay fatigued and possibly maintain delayed on-set soreness for up to 24 hours following trigger point therapy. Schedule your massage for 2 or more days before your race.

How much does it cost?

$70 - $150 depending on how much time you book. Please see our RATES & SERVICES page

What do I wear?

We ask that clients undress to a personal level of comfort. Often, your therapist may request that you bring or wear athletic shorts or something you are comfortable wearing while we stretch you. Clients are draped in such a way that private parts are NOT exposed at any time during a massage.

Can I get a sports massage if I am pregnant?

YES. We do not practice trigger point therapy on expecting mothers. We have learned effective positioning and subtle joint movements which allow us to provide deep tissue massage and long lasting relief to expecting mothers. We prefer for women to wait to receive pregnancy massage until after the first trimester.

I have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain Syndrome. Can massage help me?

YES. Again, you do not need to be an athlete to get massage from our therapists. Deep tissue massage works well for people who are suffering with muscle or joint pain. Massage, with other therapies, can help to break the pain cycle associated with chronic pain syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Please consult with your physician prior to scheduling your appointment.

I have a skin condition, should I get a massage?

MAYBE NOT. Is it contagious? Massage therapy is contraindicated for contagious skin conditions. Other conditions which massage is contraindicated include: acute sunburn, acute skin lesions, open sores, pustules, infectious rashes, poison ivy, poison oak, skin conditions which are spread through the blood stream. Please call ahead and consult with your massage therapist before coming in if you are suffering from a temporary or chronic skin condition. If you have a skin irritation or allergy to commonly used massage lotions, please bring your own lotion for us to use. Although our lotions are hypoallergenic, they main contain nut and plant extracts.

I have an acute injury. Should I get a massage?

MAYBE SO. We DO NOT try to mobilize, correct, recreate, or fix acute injuries. However, massage can often diminish the soft tissue damage to the surrounding areas. For example, if you have recently sprained an ankle, there are muscles above the injury which have undoubtedly suffered strain. Those muscles can be normalized to reduce the traumatic impact and compensatory effects of your injury. We know to treat other parts of your body which instinctively compensate for the injury. Please consult your massage therapist before coming in with an acute injury.

Does insurance cover the costs of massage therapy?

NO. Not usually. We do NOT bill your insurance provider for services rendered. However, we can supply you with a receipt to submit to your insurance provider so that you may attempt reimbursement. The receipts we supply are also ample for many individual medical savings accounts and flex plans. Please ask your massage therapist to provide you with a receipt for those purposes.

Can I get a House call or massage at my office for my staff?

YES. Call one of our therapists to inquire.

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